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Elevating Women in Compliance & Technology

While the number of female compliance professionals has been steadily growing over the last decade, the percentage of women in technology is still less than 30%. How are women in compliance successfully closing the gender gap?


March is Women’s History Month, and while we should be celebrating female leaders in our industries every day, it offers a good opportunity for those of us in the tech space to take stock of the incredible women leading the charge in the industry and appreciate how far they’ve come.

Join Thoropass as we spotlight three impressive female leaders and learn how they navigated their careers in the male-dominated tech industry. In this webinar panel, we illuminate three inspirational women:

  • Eva Pittas, President and COO of Thoropass
  • Robin Smith, CISO of DataWell
  • Mary Gardner, CISO of GoldiKnox
Come along as we highlight paths (and blockers) to success, the future of leadership opportunities for women in compliance, and ways we can continue to elevate and build communities of women in tech.

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Meet our panelists

Join female leaders from Thoropass, DataWell, and Goldiknox and learn about their path to success and future outlook.

Eva Pittas

 President/COO           Thoropass

Robin Smith

CISO                                DataWell

Mary Gardner

CISO    Goldiknox