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Thoropass Unveils:
The Future of AI and compliance is now

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From start-ups seeking compliance frameworks to safely bring their services to market, to enterprises looking to invest in new AI-based approaches, Thoropass is bringing leading innovations for compliance in AI. In this on-demand webinar we discuss the role that AI will play in streamlining compliance, and how compliance will evolve with new products, partnerships, and framework support as more companies adopt AI.

Listen as our panel of experts reveal:

  • Thoropass's vision for the future of AI in conjunction with compliance
  • GenAI tools for due diligence questionnaires that drastically speed up compliance audits
  • Services like AI penetration testing to reinforce companies’ safe adoption of new AI technologies
  • Support for evolving AI compliance frameworks such as the ISO 42001 Management System standard

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Thoropass is uniquely positioned to both advance how AI is used responsibly in the industry of compliance automation, as well as ensure that enterprises are carefully managing their risk and compliance as they introduce AI into their businesses.

Sam Li CEO at Thoropass