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Your SOC 2 readiness and audit solution—all in one place

Take the friction out of SOC 2 audits with powerful automation, unmatched expertise, and predictable audits. That's the OrO Way of reaching compliance.

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A reimagined approach to audits With in-house auditors, Thoropass eliminates messy handoffs and provides a predictable path to SOC 2.
The most efficient path to SOC 2 Expert scoping and powerful automation ensure you focus only on what's most important to get SOC 2 compliant.
Lower costs, no surprises Combining readiness and audit solution means no hidden costs and complete transparency into your entire compliance journey.

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What a frictionless path to SOC 2 looks like for your business

Managing your work across compliance frameworks is a lot of effort. As you put in the work, you need to know that it’s going to pay off. With the OrO WayTM, you'll never worry again.

If my previous audits were offered to me for free, I would still use Thoropass. It’s hard to imagine we will ever use a vendor, other than Thoropass, for compliance

Josh Horowitz | Chief Technology Officer, Stylo

There are a few Thoropass competitors, one of which we have used previously before switching. The idea is the same, but the execution is entirely different.

Austin E. | Chief Executive Office, Small Business

Some of the best money I ever spent. Thoropass and being compliant ended up helping us close our second-largest customer.

Steve Hellenman | Chief Information Officer, Benefix

With Thoropass's seamless audit experience, we were able to get the audit done in a fraction of the time.

Chris Phillips | Chief Technology Officer, Capitalize

Take the surprises out of
your next SOC 2 audit

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