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Moving to a Multi-Framework World: How to Streamline Your InfoSec Compliance While Scaling

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Scaling up and clinching major deals is no cakewalk. As your company expands, so does your compliance requirements. In fact, many businesses are compelled to adopt multi-framework programs in order to maintain competitiveness and venture into new markets. However, Thoropass research has found that both new and mature companies may hesitate due to the misconception that multiple frameworks will overwhelm their teams.

Many factors can cause fatigue, such as outdated systems, time and money constraints, monitoring issues, and organizational disorganization. But multi-framework compliance doesn't have to be overwhelming. Join Jay Trinckes, Director of Compliance at Thoropass, and a panel of cybersecurity experts to discuss how you can streamline processes and create the right mix of frameworks to catapult sales and prepare for your business’s future.

During this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Choose a standard backbone
  • Pick the right tools and tech stack
  • Improve and streamline processes
  • Select a good auditor and reduce consultant costs
  • Learn about how multi-frameworks can be a revenue generator

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Thoropass' platform, which creates a seamless end-to-end compliance management and audit experience, stands apart in a market dominated by check-the-box solutions.

Eric Byunn Partner at Centana Growth Partners