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Make HITRUST Your Competitive Advantage

In today's evolving healthcare landscape, organizations must protect sensitive data and comply with strict regulations. HITRUST certification has emerged as a gold standard within the world of HealthTech, showcasing a commitment to security and compliance. Join our webinar to explore how you can leverage HITRUST as a competitive advantage.


In this webinar, our panel of experts delve into the strategic implications of HITRUST certification and how it can help differentiate companies within the healthcare market. 

Our panel of experts discuss:

  • The tangible benefits of HITRUST certification, including enhanced trust among stakeholders, improved risk management practices, and increased market opportunities.
  • The difference between HIPAA & HITRUST
  • Common challenges clients face when pursuing HITRUST compliance and how to mitigate them
  • How to streamline and simplify the HITRUST compliance process as a whole
  • The pivotal role that partners like Service Providers, and vCISOs play in helping organizations achieve and maintain HITRUST certification. 

Watch the webinar to unlock the full potential of HITRUST certification to propel your organization forward!

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Meet our panelists

Join experts from Thoropass and more as we explore how organizations can leverage HITRUST certification to effectively move upmarket.

Zach Rutz
Zach Rutz

Senior Manager,
InfoSec Assurance

corey white headshot
Corey White

Founder & CEO 

sigita headshot
Sigita Jurkynaite

Information Security Manager
Nord Security

robert wood headshot
Robert Wood

Founder & CEO
Sidekick Security

Ab Vand
Ab Vand

Chief Security Architect