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Manage risk and maximize efficiency with a comprehensive compliance solution

With Thoropass, you can consolidate your readiness, monitoring, and audit needs into an all-in-one solution. Take the friction out of compliance so you can focus on your scaling your business.

There's a better way to do compliance:
Get to audit in less time Forget about messy handoffs and spreadsheets. Automated evidence collection and in-house auditors means more efficiency and fewer surprises
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Easily scale to multiple frameworks With universal controls and intuitive workflows, you can prepare for and audit multiple frameworks—all from one platform
Lower your total cost of compliance One solution for all of your compliance needs means less effort, fewer platforms, and no hidden costs

Join the hundreds of companies using Thoropass to streamline compliance


Scale and maintain your compliance program with minimal disruption

Managing your work across compliance frameworks is a lot of effort. As you put in the work, you need to know that it’s going to pay off. With the OrOTM Way, you'll never worry again.

If my previous audits were offered to me for free, I would still use Thoropass. It’s hard to imagine we will ever use a vendor, other than Thoropass, for compliance

Josh Horowitz | Chief Technology Officer, Stylo

Our audit process was incredibly smooth. We worked with their [audit experience], which was a game changer. Everything was done through the platform, which mitigated a lot of back-and-forth.

Thomas J. | Chief Executive Officer

The product is designed to where Thoropass functions as a systems monitoring tool after the first year. This makes subsequent audits easier and their product more valuable to the enterprise customer.

Henry Y. | Founder

Forget the old way of doing compliance. Experience the OrO™ Way

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