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Future Trends in Healthcare Compliance: How to use HITRUST as the foundation to a multi-framework approach

As the Healthcare and HealthTech industries look ahead to 2024, one thing is certain: Infosec teams will be asked to do more with less.

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Compliance frameworks like HITRUST and SOC 2 are being asked by more partners to drive more deals. Meanwhile, information security budgets and teams are being stretched to both get and stay compliant in the face of increasing security and business demands. What’s needed–it seems–is a magic solution: undergoing one audit to achieve multiple frameworks. This webinar presents that solution.

Watch as Thoropass and HITRUST explore:

  • How HITRUST CSF's comprehensive nature allows for seamless integration with other relevant frameworks.
  • How to leverage a multi-framework approach to avoid redundant tasks and assessments.
  • How to achieve the financial advantages of combining audits and assessments including reduced audit fees, lower administrative overhead, and minimized disruption to business operations.
  • How the pursuit of concurrent certifications can boost stakeholder confidence by showcasing a proactive and holistic approach to information security and compliance.

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Meet our panelists

Join representatives from Thoropass and HITRUST as we explore the strategic approach of pursuing the HITRUST CSF certification along with other relevant certifications and attestations like SOC 2, ISO 27001, and NIST.

Leith Khanafseh

Managing Director of Audits      Thoropass

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Ryan Patrick

Vice President of Adoption                  HITRUST

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Zach Rutz

Manager of HITRUST Assurance Thoropass


Discover how to find efficiencies and do more with less

By pursuing HITRUST alongside other relevant certifications, your organization can optimize efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance overall compliance posture to achieve the magic approach: streamlining the audit process, getting you to the finish line faster, and giving your organization the advantage it needs in this increasingly competitive market.

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Join us for a conversation on the future of healthcare compliance