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Pentesting for AI LLMs

Innovate intelligently with application pentesting for your GenAI systems

Thoropass is proud to partner with DynamoFL to advance the protection of sensitive data related to AI LLMs through first-of-its-kind application pentesting. As customers increasingly use and train artificial intelligence large language models (AI LLMs), the need for compliance has become urgent.


Combine Thoropass’s compliance, audit, and pentesting capabilities with DynamoFL’s technology that evaluates and fortifies LLM-based systems for privacy, security, and compliance risks. Together, the companies offer an unmatched ability to deliver pentesting that is accessible to companies of any size looking to innovate while being mindful of evolving worldwide AI regulations.

To inquire about this offer or stay updated on advances in our AI-focused partnership, please fill out the form on this page.

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