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AI in Compliance; Compliance in AI

Thoropass Product Manager Leah Rang explores the role compliance plays in an AI world and the role artificial intelligence can play within compliance. With artificial intelligence becoming increasingly omnipresent, Leah guides you through the critical aspects of developing a compliance program that integrates and adapts to its growing influence.

Access the recording to learn more about:
The evolving landscape of AI and compliance How do you manage the rapid growth of AI and the lack of established regulation?
Wielding AI to your advantage How can you take advantage of AI to build efficiencies in otherwise lengthy, time-consuming processes?
Confidently preparing for standards with AI How can the pursuit of SOC 2, HIPAA, ISO 27001, and HITRUST all be made easier when working with AI?
Navigating the future of regulation What regulations exist today and how can you be pragmatic about your use of AI in compliance?

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